Fat Pursuit starts in less than 2 hours!


Get ready for a weekend of fat biking!

Due to Covid-19 we will be changing the format of our Winter Shakedown Event. More details will be coming soon, but in the meantime, the biggest changes are: 

1. We will be limiting this year's participation to 20 individuals.

2. Participants may stay the night if they'd like, it is not required to receive your patch.

3. You will be camping outdoors. Bring a tent or your bivy and warm gear for that. There is no shame in practicing with your bivy but bringing a 4-season tent and a carload of blankets just in case!!

4. We will have running water and bathrooms available for participants so that we can wash hands before and after every meal. 

5. Masks must be worn whenever you are inside or within close distance to others.

We see value in hosting a Winter Shakedown weekend to practice winter skills and to give you a taste of what you may experience while cold-weather camping or that you may find at a winter ultra.

Join us for a weekend dedicated to learning skills, sharing experiences, and most importantly:

practice with your gear!

Weekend Agenda:


Owasippi Boy Scout Reservation is an alcohol free facility.