Get comfortable riding in the cold with your fat bike, overnight gear, and your self.

Do you want to get into winter bike-packing? What about a winter ultra? Find what intimidates you and shake it off! Come spend a weekend practicing cold-weather skills: how to layer clothing for the temperature, how to keep your water from freezing, starting a fire or using your camp stove, trail-side bike repair, and how to stay warm.

Join us the weekend of January 17th at the Long Lake Recreation Center inside of Yankee Springs in Middleville, Michigan for a weekend dedicated to figuring out how to stay comfortable (or how to be uncomfortable), having fun, and riding your bike on some beautifully groomed fat bike trails! 

We are limiting our first year to 30 individuals, so reserve your spot now!  

​All participants that complete gear check, boil water at lunch with their camp stove, and finish the 40-mile route will receive a finisher's patch compliments of Salsa!



What's taken you so long to get out there?

If you want to qualify for a winter ultra, you have to prove that you know what you're doing. Aside from all of the barriers that prevent people from riding their fat bikes or even camping in the winter, the biggest barrier that exists is just feeling confident with your skills and feeling confident that you'll stay warm. We are really passionate about getting more people into winter bike packing and would love to help encourage more people to give it a try. 

Join us for a weekend dedicated to learning skills, sharing experiences, and most importantly:

practicing with your gear.

Interested in other winter camps? Check out the Winter Bike Camps put on in Idaho by the organizers of Fat Pursuit and the Iditarod Trail Camp put on by the organizers of the ITI in Alaska. 

We all have unique skills, abilities, passions and experiences. We all have fat bikes. Let's get together and work on our cold-weather skills. Why not?!




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